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Alabama Mortgage Credit Certificate

A mortgage credit certificate (MCC) is a certificate issued by the state to permit a tax payer to have a tax credit from part of the mortgage interest paid for a given financial year. This comes to help first time homebuyers qualify to get a loan by offsetting the previous mortgage and by doing a […]

Washington Mortgage Credit Certificate

The Washington Mortgage Credit Certificate is not a mortgage, but a tax credit program which helps to put extra cash on your pocket every month, therefore making it possible to raise more money you’re your monthly mortgage repayments. The tax credit program offered to Washington residents ensures that fewer dollars are withheld from your monthly […]

Texas Mortgage Credit Certificate

A Texas Mortgage Credit Certificate or TMCC is issued by the government. It lets a taxpayer claim tax credit for a portion of the mortgage interest that they pay in any given year. This program is designed to make it easier for people who want to buy their first home to qualify for a loan. […]

North Carolina Mortgage Credit Certificate

North Carolina Mortgage Credit Certificate is a state backed program which seeks to reduce the amount of federal tax that a person must pay, therefore freeing up income so as to qualify for a home mortgage. This program mainly targets first time home buyers and the home’s purchase price must be within the limits set […]

Ohio Mortgage Credit Certificate

Ohio Mortgage Credit Certificate is a product that is backed by the federal authorities which helps families realize their dream of owning a home. The Ohio Mortgage Credit Certificate program provides a tax deduction which reduces the amount of tax liability that a home buyer remits to the deferral authorities hence making money available which […]

Michigan Mortgage Credit Certificate

What is Michigan mortgage credit certificate? It is commonly referred to as ‘MCC’ and is a housing assistance project that helps home buyers by allowing a tax credit to them. The program is designed to offset a portion the interest to help new home buyers qualify for a loan. The MCC service highly depends in […]

Hawaii Mortgage Credit Certificate

Are you looking forward to get a Hawaii mortgage credit certificate? If yes, it is good to know how the credit certificate works and how to qualify to get one. This certificate is vital because it reduces the amount of federal income tax a borrower must pay. It frees up income, so that you can […]