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Connecticut Down Payment Assistance Programs

With several Connecticut down payment assistance programs offered, there may be funds to help get into a home now. Perhaps you thought you would have to wait to save up money but you may be able to get it all in motion right now thanks to such programs. The Connecticut Housing Finance Authority is the […]

North Dakota Down Payment Assistance Programs

One of the toughest parts about buying a home is coming up with a down payment. Fortunately, if you are a future homeowner in North Dakota, there are North Dakota down payment assistance programs that make it much easier. Most down payment assistance programs in the state of North Dakota are for first-time home owners. […]

Alaska Down Payment Assistance Programs

Through the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation, Alaska down payment assistance programs are available to first-time homebuyers. With the average down payment assistance ranging around $10,000, these programs have strict qualifications. Buyers who have not owned property within the last three years typically qualify for assistance. For one to qualify for any of the several Alaska […]

Missouri Down Payment Assistance Programs

Buying a new home, even with Missouri’s low cost of living, is an expensive undertaking. In recognizing this fact, the state government of Missouri created the Missouri-Housing-Development-Commission (MHDC). Missouri down payment assistance programs include services for first-time home-buyers, military veterans, and those desiring to move to an urban area. The “First Place” loan program is […]

Texas Down Payment Assistance Programs

Texas down payment assistance programs are available for teachers, lawyers, doctors, first time home buyers and low-income earners. The programs enhance access to down payment assistance grants, mortgage credit facilities and fixed-rate mortgage financing. Lenders who are available all over the region provide the programs. The programs also help to support families to overcome the […]

Alabama Down Payment Assistance Programs

Alabama down payment assistance programs have outstanding offers and ensures that all achieve their dreams of having a home. These Alabama down payment assistance programs are available to all first time home buyers. The primary reason behind these programs is to help make homes affordable to all. In addition, the Alabama down payment assistance programs have ensured that many people to […]

Tennessee Down Payment Assistance Programs

Tennessee down payment assistance programs are instrumental in providing inexpensive housing opportunities to those desiring to own a home. Subsequent or first time home buyers get a chance to purchase their dream homes by getting fixed mortgage rates, loans or grants. For first time home buyers, one typically becomes eligible if in the last three […]

Wisconsin Down Payment Assistance Programs

Take advantage of Wisconsin down payment assistance programs assisted housing programs that are offered. If you wish to buy a house and don’t have enough funds, you can get additional finances from these  Wisconsin down payment assistance programs to help pay for the down payment. Other sources of Wisconsin down payment assistance include local housing non […]

Vermont Down Payment Assistance Programs

Vermont residents enjoy different levels of Vermont down payment assistance programs, especially first time home buyers. You will not only get additional funding but also advice and guidance on home financing. Vermont down payment assistance programs are given to first time home buyers. You qualify as a first time buyer if you have not owned […]

Florida Down Payment Assistance Programs

If you are looking for Florida down payment assistance programs you are probably a first-time home buyer. Being a first-time buyer means that you haven’t owned a house in the past 3 years. There are several agencies state-wide which offer this type of loan and you should choose the one which offers the best terms […]