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Minnesota Down Payment Assistance Programs

For first time home buyers owning a property in Minnesota is a great idea. Financing your property can be a great challenge. This is because sometimes you may find yourself in a situation where you are tired of renting a house and want to settle into your own home but lack the funds to finance […]

Rhode Island Down Payment Assistance Programs

The Rhode Island down payment assistance programs has been initiated to make the dream of owning their own house come true for residents of the state. It is particularly beneficial for the first time home buyers as they easily qualify for the program in case they haven’t owned any property in the past three years. […]

Oregon Down Payment Assistance Programs

Oregon down payment assistance is a program designed to solve this problem and give more opportunities for people to purchase homes by providing access to cash to buy the home now, rather than waiting for a later date. Owning a home through Oregon down payment assistance programs is a possibility. There are several programs in […]

Utah Down Payment Assistance Programs

Home buyers in Utah have an opportunity to buy a home using several home buyer grants and Utah down payment assistance programs for their down payment and even closing costs. There are several down payment assistance and other little to no down payment programs available in this area. Such grants and down payment assistance offered […]

California Down Payment Assistance Programs

Thanks to the many California down payment assistance programs available, you may be able to get help buying a home. The main program that consumers can qualify for is known as CHDAP. This is a loan that has to be repaid, but the repayment date is deferred and the interest is extremely low. The maximum […]

North Carolina Down Payment Assistance Programs

North Carolina down payment assistance programs help first time home buyers in realizing the American dream of owning a home. These programs include the down payment assistance program and the mortgage credit certificate. First time home buyers are people who might not have owned or occupied a personal home within a period of three years […]

Hawaii Down Payment Assistance Programs

Hawaii residents, who are first time home buyers, can apply for Hawaii down payment assistance programs. How do Hawaii down payment assistance programs work? First time home buyers can borrow some  amount of money, though they are required to have a mortgage from a conventional bank. The amount varies, though the limitation can reach to $40k. There is no need […]

Kentucky Down Payment Assistance Programs

The state of Kentucky administers down payment and closing cost assistance programs through their own Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC). The Corporation recognizes that down payment and closing costs are a major impediment to the dream of many people to owning their own home. For this reason, the programs are set up as follows: There are […]

Washington D.C. Down Payment Assistance Programs

There are a number of Washington D.C. down payment assistance programs selected by the state through a competitive application process. This is done by the state commission in charge of homes and financing. Through these programs citizens can access funds and get on the fast track of being a homeowner. Most of these providers that […]

Idaho Down Payment Assistance Programs

Idaho down payment assistance programs are administered by its Housing and Finance Association through two programs to wouldbe homeowners who are unable, due to low or middle incomes, to come up with down payment monies and/or those related to closing costs. The program name and the conditions under which it may be received is listed […]