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North Carolina Mortgage Credit Certificate

North Carolina Mortgage Credit Certificate is a state backed program which seeks to reduce the amount of federal tax that a person must pay, therefore freeing up income so as to qualify for a home mortgage. This program mainly targets first time home buyers and the home’s purchase price must be within the limits set […]

Wells Fargo Down Payment Assistance Program

With the recent economic crisis in our nation, came a decline in home ownership. People who would once take out mortgages and commit to being a part of a neighborhood become transient renters, who are much less likely to contribute to creating a stable community in their area. This is not a desired outcome for […]

Pennsylvania Down Payment Assistance Programs

The Pennsylvania down payment assistance programs can be very helpful to people buying a house for the first time. First time home buyers can get down payment assistance up to ten thousand dollars without having to pay interest or any fee on a monthly basis. What’s the catch? For most of these programs there aren’t any, […]

Ohio Down Payment Assistance Programs

If you’re a low to moderate income, reside in Ohio, cannot afford down payments for the house you wanted to buy, you may qualify for Ohio down payment assistance programs. Down payment financing agencies also give monetary assistance to those who already have a lot but wanted to build a home, or if they wanted […]

New York Down Payment Assistance Programs

Several NY agencies sponsor New York down payment assistance programs. One of the agencies is the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development. This agency initiated a program known as Home First Down Payment Assistance, which aids potential homebuyers with up to fifteen thousand dollars to fund the closing cost or down payment on […]

New Mexico Down Payment Assistance Programs

Buying a Home with New Hampshire Down Payment Assistance Programs The greatest stumbling block to owning a home is often raising the down payment required by various money lending institutions. A number of local municipalities and state governments offer grant programs for citizens for many reasons to address various needs, including offering first time home […]

New Hampshire Down Payment Assistance Programs

New Hampshire is a great place but like most states in the New England area it also high real estate prices. Increasing real estate pricing is making it hard for most first time and move up home buyers in New Hampshire. To make the dream come true many financial institutions, banks and state, local and […]

Maryland Down Payment Assistance Programs

Maryland offers several down payment assistance programs for first time home buyers. Not only does the state offer programs, but most of the different counties or towns also offer assistance programs in addition to what the state offers. The main programs offered by the Maryland Mortgage Program (MMP) are: Down Payment Assistance and Partner Match […]

South Carolina Down Payment Assistance Programs

There are many South Carolina down payment assistance programs currently available to residents. Some are government funded, and some are not; some are urban, some are rural. It all depends on a few factors such as what your total family income is, what your financial needs are and the area in which you would like […]

South Dakota Down Payment Assistance Programs

South Dakota has several down payment assistance programs that allow people to purchase homes by providing access to cash, grants, credits and loans to buy now rather than waiting for a later date. There are several programs in South Dakota with varying levels of down payment assistance. Each program has different guidelines. People buying homes […]