2018 Pennsylvania Down Payment Assistance Programs

Pennsylvania down payment assistance programs

Pennsylvania down payment assistance

The Pennsylvania down payment assistance programs can be very helpful to people buying a house for the first time. First time home buyers can get down payment assistance up to ten thousand dollars without having to pay interest or any fee on a monthly basis.

What’s the catch? For most of these programs there aren’t any, although you got to payback the whole amount if you are selling your house or moving out of your house within two to five years.

There are many agencies that offer down payment assistance programs that help people with a step by step process of buying a home or you can simply apply for these programs by yourself.

If Pennsylvania down payment assistance programs  have a downside, it’s that they are granted on income basis.  Although this varies, your income must fall within specific ranges. In other words if you’re income is above the average of the people in Pennsylvania, you may not qualify.  Also, there are few more income rules which the buyer must comply in order to get these Pennsylvania down payment assistance programs.

Below is a list of Pennsylvania Down Payment Assistance Programs:

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