Ohio Down Payment Assistance Programs

ohio down payment assistance programs
Ohio down payment assistance programs

If you’re a low to moderate income, reside in Ohio, cannot afford down payments for the house you wanted to buy, you may qualify for Ohio down payment assistance programs. Down payment financing agencies also give monetary assistance to those who already have a lot but wanted to build a home, or if they wanted a mobile home for their lot or a mobile home to be placed in designated parks.

Aside from the income category requirement, the Ohio down payment assistance programs also give priority to active military personnel, veterans, senior citizens, people with disability, people who do not have a home, or who have not owned a real estate. They do not discriminate the borrower even they are of different race, color, religion, sex, physical ability, among others, which make the program very borrower-friendly. Borrowers should undergo seminar or training on housing programs being offered by the US government, so they will know their responsibilities as homeowners, as well as their duties as borrowers.

The Ohio down payment assistance program has very affordable interest rate, and they will grant a 2.5% to 3.5% of the total amount of your loan. Loans are set on your preferred payment modes, and have low closing costs. It is being monitored and regulated by the Federal Housing Administration and is insured to it for the safety of the borrower. It is the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development’s program in cooperation with private house financing agencies, to provide affordable homes for Ohio residents, and for other states as well.

Below is a list of Ohio Down Payment Assistance Programs: