2018 Maine Down Payment Assistance Programs

 Maine Down Payment Assistance Programs

Maine Down Payment Assistance Programs

There are various Maine down payment assistance programs which are meant to help residents with low and moderate incomes afford to buy homes. These programs are usually operated using federal and state funds but they are primarily administered by public agencies. Beneficiaries of these programs are segregated into different categories such as fresh graduates, first time home buyers, veterans, single mothers, families whose homes have been destroyed in natural disasters, teachers and military personnel in active duty amongst others. These categories of people usually benefit from these programs because they cannot be able to raise down payments to buy homes on their own. The primary requirement of being eligible for these programs is prove that one cannot afford to buy a home without being assisted.

For residents to qualify for these down payment assistance programs, they must have incomes which are less than 80% of the areas median income. Applicants are also required to raise at least one percent of the down payment and closing cost of the home to be bought. These programs are more convenient than ordinary mortgages since the people who benefit are not required to pay in monthly basis. Instead, beneficiaries are required to repay when they change the ownership of their homes and after they are able to refinance their initial mortgages.

The applicants of the various down payment assistance programs in Maine are served using waiting lists since the demand for the assistance is high. Applicants in dire need get preference and they are usually served before people whose needs are not emergencies. For instance; people whose homes have been destroyed by natural disasters usually get served before others who might be having other types of needs. The preference in how fast applicants are served is also influenced by the applications submitted. Applications with unclear or wrong information usually takes longer to be verified since it might even require the applicants to be called to clarify some of the unclear details. This makes it paramount for applicants to fill the applications clearly and with truthful information so that they can be served faster. Therefore, people with low and moderate incomes can benefit from the various Maine down payment assistance programs provided they are eligible and applies in the appropriate ways.

Below is a list of Maine Down Payment Assistance Programs:

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