2018 South Carolina Down Payment Assistance Programs

There are many South Carolina down payment assistance programs currently available to residents. Some are government funded, and some are not; some are urban, some are rural. It all depends on a few factors such as what your total family income is, what your financial needs are and the area in which you would like […]

2018 South Dakota Down Payment Assistance Programs

South Dakota has several down payment assistance programs that allow people to purchase homes by providing access to cash, grants, credits and loans to buy now rather than waiting for a later date. There are several programs in South Dakota with varying levels of down payment assistance. Each program has different guidelines. People buying homes […]

2018 Washington Down Payment Assistance Programs

The Washington State Housing Finance Commission offers Washington down payment assistance programs to provide encouragement and bring home ownership into the reach of more people. The most popular program is the Home Advantage DPA. This is a state wide program. With the Home Advantage DPA borrowers may qualify for 4% of the total loan amount. […]

2018 Arizona Down Payment Assistance Programs

Arizona down payment assistance programs helps potential homeowners buy their first property, without necessarily having the required down payment. The Home in 5 Program¬†gives you 5 per cent of the loan towards your down payment. It is however offered for residentials to be bought within Maricopa County only. You do not have to be a […]