Michigan Mortgage Credit Certificate

What is Michigan mortgage credit certificate? It is commonly referred to as ‘MCC’ and is a housing assistance project that helps home buyers by allowing a tax credit to them. The program is designed to offset a portion the interest to help new home buyers qualify for a loan. The MCC service highly depends in […]

2018 Mississippi Down Payment Assistance Programs

Mississippi down payment assistance programs are offered through Mississippi Home Corporation (MHC) in an effort to provide monies to home buyers who are making a purchase of a home for the first time of low- and medium- income homebuyers. The program is offered statewide via MHC-approved lenders. To be eligible for Mississippi down payment assistance […]

Iowa Down Payment Assistance Programs

The majority of the Iowa down payment assistance programs are meant for first time home buyers. A first time home buyer is typically described as an individual who has not owned a home in the past three years. However, the state has a few down payment assistance programs that are available for people who have […]

2018 Maine Down Payment Assistance Programs

There are various Maine down payment assistance programs which are meant to help residents with low and moderate incomes afford to buy homes. These programs are usually operated using federal and state funds but they are primarily administered by public agencies. Beneficiaries of these programs are segregated into different categories such as fresh graduates, first […]

2018 Wyoming Down Payment Assistance Programs

Buying a home often requires taking out a high-interest loan, and many potential homeowners are reluctant to purchase a house in the current market. Wyoming down payment assistance programs offer options for buying a home, allowing more people to purchase property. The Down Payment Loan Program provides monetary assistance with a down payment and closing […]

2018 Montana Down Payment Assistance Programs

Buying a home for the first time isn’t an easy task and if you need help, there are many Montana down payment assistance programs available to fulfill your needs. ┬áHere are a few examples of Montana down payment assistance programs. The Score Advantage DPA Program operates throughout the state of Montana and accepts those who […]

Michigan Down Payment Assistance Programs

In Michigan, there are various Michigan down payment assistance programs which help low and moderate income residents buy homes. These programs are administered by public agencies which operate with federal and state funds. The people who primarily benefit from these programs are the people who are unlikely to afford buying new homes and hence require […]

2018 Colorado Down Payment Assistance Programs

If you are looking for Colorado down payment assistance when buying a home, you need to be aware of the different programs available. Here is the lowdown of the different programs that offer varying financial assistance programs for first time home buyers. Colorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHFA) is the place to start. They have […]