Alabama Mortgage Credit Certificate

A mortgage credit certificate (MCC) is a certificate issued by the state to permit a tax payer to have a tax credit from part of the mortgage interest paid for a given financial year. This comes to help first time homebuyers qualify to get a loan by offsetting the previous mortgage and by doing a new one. The Alabama mortgage credit certificate in the same way helps lower income credit seekers to lower their government tax which in turn reduces their income taxes and raises their overall income hence the ability to pay for their property.

How does the Alabama mortgage credit certificate work?

The Alabama MCC is primarily aimed at enabling the low income earners the chance of having their first home loan being approved. Besides increasing their amount of home, it reduces their income tax which leaves them with a higher income after tax. Basically, it grants you a government earnings of up to 35% of the total interest fee you pay for your home’s mortgage loan per year. The Alabama mortgage credit certificate therefore makes it more cost effective to own a home in the state as it lowers your income tax progressively so long as you live in your house. This is made even better by them allowing a dollar-for –dollar government income tax cut that amounts to 20% worth of the home loan interest paid in a year.

How to qualify for Alabama MCC

Anyone is eligible to the Alabama mortgage credit certificate so long as they are purchasing their first home or have never owed a house for the previous 3 years, they are buying the home for themselves and not any businesses or if their income and purchase price fall within the established amounts depending on the area.

Final word

Don’t fret anymore because home ownership has been made easier for you the Alabama mortgage credit certificate way. Just check whether you are within the area of eligibility and apply today. Remember first come first served.